This software of Point Cloud Automata (short as PCA) is a LIDAR point cloud processing and analizing software. It creatively invented a series of technologies worldwide, such as autonomous parameterization, ONE-STEP process solution, etc. PCA was released in April, 2021. PCA is aiming at dense UAV-based point cloud data, provides a set of solutions from original data, claasification, segmentation to object recgnition, modelling and analysis. 

Please provide the following contact information to get a 30-day fully functional, trail version!

  • Asia
  • Africa
  • North America
  • South America
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • Russia
  • Oceania
Custom-made for L1

We never suggest you to do the sub sampling before process in PCA. To maximize reservation the details of the terrain and objects!

PCA support the standard LAS format datasets.Means that you can process almost all platform of devices, like Scanner, Lidar, Mobile Scanner, Backpack, Photogrametry,etc.

ONE-STEP Process

Based on the developer's more than 15+ years point cloud process experience. PCA is different from the current commercial software on the market!  Even, you don't have any point cloud process background, or experience, you just sellect and click one-step process to get the result you wanted.



4,500$ / 3,800€

A stand-alone USB-dongle Key for 1 PC  that’s for two year with all the updates and support.


1,125$ / 950€

Software-based Key for 3 month with all updates and support.


27,000$ / 22,800€

A stand-alone USB-dongle Key for 10 PCs that’s for two year with all the updates and support.